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Adopt-A-Grandparent and brighten the day of a Senior Citizen! -

Campaign is Complete!!

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE SPONSORS WHO HAVE MADE THIS CAMPAIGN A SUCCESS!! WE DID IT!! Stay tuned for updates on our deliveries! Follow me on facebook


This last year has been especially hard on our senior citizens and grandparents who haven't been able to visit with their loved ones. We want them to know they are missed and loved by gifting them a "Balloon Buddy."

That's why we are joining the worldwide #AdoptAGrandparent campaign! Our goal is to bring residents in local assisted living, rehab and nursing facilities a little joy and encouragement after months of being separated from their loved ones.

So, this is where you, the community, comes in!!

  • We are looking to the community to sponsor Balloon Buddies for our local seniors. - COMPLETE!!

  • Consider sponsoring one or more Balloon Buddy and we will make sure it gets delivered to the residents of a local facility. - THANK YOU, SPONSORS!!

  • Once all of the residents have been adopted, we will deliver the Balloon Buddies to be distributed to each adopted "grandparent" by the facility staff. - IN PROGRESS!!


As an added bonus, Princeton Events Co. has also donated a decor piece to be displayed for the staff and residents to enjoy!!


ALL elders in these four Lawrenceville facilities have been adopted!!!

Morris Hall Meadows Skilled Nursing, St. Mary's Assisted Living, Grace   Garden    Memory Care, and 

St. Joseph's Skilled Nursing Center.


We are in need of 0 more Balloon Buddies to be sponsored for every resident to receive one!  EVERY resident has been adopted in these four facilities, and we will be delivering all of the joy-bringing balloon buddies in the upcoming weeks!!

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